Saturday, September 8, 2012

An Excused Absence

There are a lot of reasons why I haven't posted since March (ouch). I doubt any of those reasons make it very excusable, but if one does, it is that I have actually been doing stuff. "Stuff" being:

  • An audition for the Shakespeare Theatre Co. of DC in NYC
  • Two days on the set of the film CBGB in Savannah, GA as an extra
  • I moved to Chicago. NBD.
As eager as I am to get straight to details about living in Chicago as an actor (which I have noticed are seriously lacking on the internet), there is some good stuff in the other two experiences as well. Also, I've only been here a month, so maybe marketing my extensive wisdom about the Chicago actor's lifestyle is a little premature anyway. Therefore, my next posts will bring us up-to-date. 

It can be really easy to let something like this slip out of curriculum since the internet has such an easy time creating a sense of isolation. There's no real way to know if anyone is even reading this. Yes, I can look at the stats and even see what people searched for that led them here. But something tells me that "hot girls armpits" guy didn't stick around to actually read anything. A lot of the reason I came back, even just for this quick post, is that the internet has the redeeming factor of having venues for people, friends, to just drop me a line and say, "Hey, I enjoy your blog posts." Which they (you) do.

What I'm saying is that you are responsible for that underarm fetishist's continued disappointment.

No, I'm kidding. What I'm saying is thank you. I enjoy hearing from you. I enjoy being read. I'll try to be better about upkeep, knowing that yes, someone is reading this.

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