Sunday, February 27, 2011


I've been a very bad blogger. I haven't updated in two weeks, even just to post adorable pictures of my animals, and my stats have dwindled to nothing. Unfortunately, there is a similar story for my productivity in general. Things just haven't been moving forward the way they should. Chalk it up to PMS, karma, misaligned stars, or what have you, but whatever it was left me reading Confessions of a Shopaholic from cover to cover in a matter of a couple days. (I have to report that the movie took some serious liberties. To the point that it's not even the same story. I hate Hollywood sometimes.)

Some of this has been due to the difficulty I have been having getting my application together for Williamstown Theatre Festival. It requires three letters of recommendation, and I knew the first two off the bat, both of whom were quick to agree. The third letter was a different story. Three people turned me down for various reasons: company policy, they didn't know me well enough, and (the one that really put me in a mood) "dont have time. sorry." The fourth person I asked didn't reply for several days. Meanwhile, I'm getting antsy as the postmark date for financial aid is approaching swiftly (March 1). I did, finally, get a third person on board. But then I wasn't hearing back from anyone. It's really been a nightmare, and it's not anyone's fault but my own for not asking earlier. These kind of situations are difficult for me, because when I try to be pointed, I come off as an asshole. And believe you me, I don't want these people thinking I'm an asshole because a) I love them and b) apparently they are the only people I can ask for these things. Cue me tripping over myself to be as diplomatic and charming as possible.

In the meantime, I had run out of headshot prints. A friend of my mother's was kind enough to do some extra touch ups on them, but I had to stop by her office and pick them up before I had to run around and find somewhere to get them printed. Not having a car/license makes this a little difficult. When I did pick up the CD, the edits looked great, so I made my way to a shipping and print shop to get them printed. It was the wrong choice as the paper wasn't what I wanted, they couldn't print 8 x 10, and the owner (who apparently worked in the porn industry as a manager and producer) decided to hit on me. A lot. But I got two prints for a dollar, so whatever. They're going in the envelope. I'm ordering from Reproductions ASAP.

To give myself some credit, I have read two Sarah Ruhl plays, picked a new contemporary monologue, and started a website since I last updated. It hasn't been published to the internet yet, but I'm working through Wix. I did a few test runs of places like Weebly and Webs, but found them to be extremely generic. Wix has been easy to use and has some unique templates that you can change as much or as little as you want. It has also been suggested to me that Wordpress is also a good place to go. Even though it is a blogging site, it allows you to create a site that looks and works like a webpage. Actors have to make themselves as accessible as possible. Websites are pretty much essential, even if they are from one of these free servers.

So there is a haphazard update. Here's to a more productive coming week, getting my application in on time, and Colin Firth winning Best Actor.


  1. There's no better reason to be quiet than because you're busy. Great to hear about you and Williamstown. Is Wix a free site for web design?

  2. Ben- Yes, it's free. You are able to upgrade to "Premium" and get extra goodies and take the .wix out of your url. I've been pretty happy with it so far.