Wednesday, November 24, 2010

To Begin

On November 18th, I walked out of my last class in Crites Hall in Savannah, Georgia and stepped into the "real world" armed only with a BFA in Performing Arts, which is, well... not always effective in the real world. Like any freshly-graduated actor worth her salt, I have decided blogging might be a way to come to an understanding with the concepts of "unemployed" and "professional." Or at least it's a way to pass time when audition preparation becomes maddening. So here it is, a blog.

I will mostly be writing on theatre, acting and "the business" with possible occasional jaunts into current events, personal anecdotes, etc. It will also serve to keep everyone up-to-date with my fledgling career. We can all hope that in doing so, it will require frequent updating.

The title of this here blog, "Half Speed, Full Intention," has been shamelessly stolen from my combat teacher, Martin Noyes, who likes to boom these directions during fight call. He actually likes to boom any directions, but these in particular defined the focuses in fighting and acting, and for that matter, getting through life. Protect yourself, protect others. Move with intent. Attack with specificity. And make as much noise as you want.

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